• 26/11/2021

    Aragó, Catalunya, Madrid, Comunitat Valenciana

    En Rawson BPO buscamos perfiles como Programador Java Angular y React para proyecto IT en España. Descripción: We need an experienced Front-End Developer (L3 or above) with deep knowledge of Front-End Java, Angular/REACT Condiciones laborales: Salario a convenir Contrato indefinido.

  • 09/11/2021

    Comunitat Valenciana, Madrid, Aragó

    En Rawson BPO, buscamos perfiles como: CONOCIMIENTOS IMPRESENDIBLES: Frontend React FUNCIONES: Desarrollar componentes frontend utilizando React y bibliotecas OBSERVACIONES: Contrato: Termino Indefinido Salario A convenir

  • 08/11/2021

    Comunitat Valenciana, Catalunya, Madrid, Aragó

    En Rawson BPO buscamos perfiles como Desarrollador Front Descripcion: Candidates should be expert in HTML5 and Java/React, and being this a position for Client it is required to have a good English levelThe positions to be covered would be expected to be incorporated within the Galileo Development community, in particular in the already existing team in Iberia. They will be doing UI development activity as part of the ile alignment, covering the assigned activity as per the backlog priori Observaciones: Salario a convenir contrato indefinido requerimeinto inglés alto conversacional.

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