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  • 01/07/2022

    Valencian Community, Catalonia, Madrid

    Are you ready to shape the future of the accommodation industry by working in one of the world's largest online travel companies? At eDreams Odigeo, we develop and leverage the best ecommerce technology to create the best hotel booking experience for 20+ million customers in 46 countries - every year. We do so by creating new technologies and platforms and applying artificial intelligence in a flexible, microservices based infrastructure. Our mission is to create a one-stop-shop for our customers, where they can find the best hotel for their needs and experience amazing post-booking service in our best-rated mobile app. We set the path. Shape with us the way people travel. We are looking for a PHP Senior Software Engineer to join our tech hubs in Barcelona, Porto, Madrid or Milan (other locations in Spain, Portugal and Italy are equally possible) to help us shape the future of the accommodation industry and provide the best holiday experience to our customers. It's the perfect time to join us. We are growing very rapidly out of the pandemic and are investing heavily in our Technology organisation. When you join us, you will have the opportunity to make your mark from Day 1 - by shaping our technology choices and architecture - and accelerate your career development, thanks to the best career path in Europe. Some of the challenges you will work on include developing technology that: Helps our customers find the right geolocalisation for the hotel Offers the most convenient hotel for our customers, working with machine learning capabilities Manages many different sources of hotel information and aggregates it into our unique inventory Builds our booking engine to create the one-stop-shop for our customers What you'll do: Work with a top-notch tech stack such as PHP, Golang, MariaDB, Redis, RabbitMQ, ClickHouse, Kong, Docker, AWS, Grafana, Kibana Actively participate in the product definition and ideation processes. Code solutions with the highest quality through good design, attention to detail and test quality. Work in a fully agile organisation, using Kanban practices to deliver business value continuously. Own and monitor the performance of product and technical OKRs. Help the team grow by mentoring more junior team members to continue improving, giving feedback and sharing your expertise. Challenge decisions, be proactive and seek to improve technical excellence. Having a technical mindset is vital for us, which is why we promote: Microservices platform and modular FE Powerful monitoring techniques using Data dog, BigQuery and GrafanaGraphana. Version-control systems like Git & bitbucket. Story book using Design system made with emotion and styled system. Clean code SOLID principles and TDD What you'll need to be successful: Strong mastery of PHP, ideally more than 5 years experience working with PHP at scale. Able to take leadership over the designing and planning of new components. Able to create a testing and CI strategy. Strong knowledge of performance and scalability. Understands the tradeoffs involved in the different decisions that take place throughout the life cycle of a project and can put them all in context to help the team choose correctly. Strong knowledge of engineering fundamentals (data structures, concurrency, design patterns, algorithms). Great technical mindset to work in an environment where we promote the use of microservices platforms, clean code, SOLID principles and TDD. Ability to code with the highest quality through good design, attention to detail and test quality. Knowledge of Cloud and of Continuous Delivery environments to help you deliver value quickly. Strong data driven capabilities and design pattern skills that will allow you to face our business challenges. Be part of the product definition, identify improvement options,, challenge decisions constructively and provide creative solutions to complex problems, focusing on the outcome and not on the tasks. Be a team player, with good communication and mentoring skills What's in it for you? We support a great lifestyle and work-life-balance with our flexible hours and flexible remote work policy - it's up to each team to decide what works for them Option to work from any location in Spain, Portugal or Italy, with occasional travel to one of our main hub locations (Barcelona, Madrid, Porto, Milano) Fast-track career development: with our unique programs tailored to your goals, you are always working towards the next step on your career path. A horizontal and transparent culture where continuous peer feedback is our mantra, and speaking up your own innovative ideas is a given. Competitive compensation package with an attractive bonus structure. PLUS a free eDreams Prime subscription to benefit from significant discounts on your travels and hotel bookings, special discounts in other local venues, such as gyms, restaurants, shops, and additional prizes and awards for a variety of team and individual achievements Choose your equipment and really own it! You are allowed to choose the OS, laptop and monitor you want to work with and the equipment is totally yours after 3 years in the company. Many of our developers work Continuous growth and learning Our Learning & Development programs give you access to tech talks, soft and technical skills trainings, external events, industry conferences etc. Free subscription to O'Reilly Online Learning. Language classes so that you learn the language of the country where you are relocating to or English classes so you get more proficient in the company official language A great relocation package, for those that decide to move to one of our hub locations (Barcelona, Madrid, Porto, Milano) Come fly with us and apply now! At eDreams ODIGEO we are committed to being an equal opportunity employer, promoting diversity and inclusion at the workplace in all the countries we are present. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, skin color, nationality, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability status or any other feature that can be perceived as discriminatory. We are more than 1000 people from more than 45 nationalities. All different and diverse, but all united by shared values and focused on achieving success, together as a team. Our people are the key of our success. Each one of them is unique in their own way and the respect for their uniqueness is and will always be a passion and motivation.

  • 28/06/2022

    Andalusia, Aragon, Asturias, Basque Country, Cantabria, Castile and Leon, Castile-La Mancha, Catalonia, Extremadura, Galicia, La Rioja, Madrid, Murcia, Navarra, Valencian Community, Non-peninsular

    En ISS Profesionalia nos encontramos en búsqueda de un Desarrollador Java con experiencia en Springboot para trabajar con uno de nuestros clientes en Barcelona (full remote), especialista en Soluciones de Movilidad, IOT, BlockChain, entre otros. Responsabilidades: Trabajarás en un equipo de 5 personas siguiendo metodología Agile, realizando el desarrollo de una aplicación enfocada en medios de pago. Requisitos: Licenciatura en tecnología de la información, informática, desarrollo de software o un campo relacionado. Experiencia en: Java 8 SpringBoot. GIT Conocimiento Agile. JIRA, Confluence. Se valorará conocimiento de AWS. Lo que ofrecemos: Contrato indefinido con retribución flexible (ticket restaurante, seguro médico, etc). Horario flexible. 1 Sep a 15 Jun: 40 horas/semana. 8,5 horas los jueves. 6 horas los viernes 16 Jun al 31 Ago: 35 horas/semana. 7 horas/día (de 8 a 15). Certificaciones técnicas ilimitadas pagadas y facilitadas. Proyectos nacionales e internacionales tecnológicamente punteros. Crecimiento profesional. Ambiente joven, técnico e internacional. Lugar de trabajo: Full Remote (oficina: Barcelona ciudad)

  • 28/06/2022


    DESCRIPCIÓN En Digital Talent Agency te ofrecemos oportunidades laborales de incorporación directa en empresas destacadas del sector tecnológico, encontrando el balance perfecto entre tu vida personal y profesional. Valoramos tu experiencia y ponemos el foco en la motivación, qué te gusta y qué tipo de proyectos quieres participar. Formamos parte de Zemsania Global Group y juntos, contamos con más de 18 de años de experiencia en asesoramiento profesional a candidatos y búsqueda y selección de perfiles tecnológicos. El Proyecto Buscamos a un CTO para una plataforma digital con un mínimo de 5 años de experiencia para una empresa destacada del sector IT, para un importante proyecto en Barcelona. ¿Qué necesitamos de ti? Experiencia como líder de equipo. Experiencia o conocimientos tanto en FrontEnd como en Backend: ReactJS, Redux, Material UI, Angular 6, Electron, Cordova, CSS, SCSS, React Native, NodeJS, MongoDB. Experiencia o conocimiento en el back: Arquitectura de microservicios, Python, Php con Symfony, CI y CD con Bitbucket. Experiencia o conocimientos en AWS y Cloud. Condiciones: Incorporación inmediata. Contratación indefinida. Salario competitivo. Posibilidad de 100% remoto. Selección directa con la empresa. ¿Beneficios? Participar en una agencia especializada en estrategias de comunicación & digital marketing. Plan de carrera profesional. Trabajo en un entorno joven y dinámico centrado en el equipo. Trabajo estable. Modalidad Teletrabajo con opción a presencial. Oficinas en Barcelona. Plan de retribución Flexible (Seguro médico gratuito).

  • 16/06/2022

    Andalusia, Aragon, Asturias, Basque Country, Cantabria, Castile and Leon, Castile-La Mancha, Catalonia, Extremadura, Galicia, La Rioja, Madrid, Murcia, Navarra, Valencian Community, Non-peninsular

    ¿Quieres formar parte de un equipo puntero con proyectos dinámicos? En Yeeply, estamos buscando un Desarrollador Backend con NodeJS, para un importante cliente, ¿te animas? Requisitos: Experiencia en Node.JS y JavaScript Sólidos conocimientos de bases de datos (SQL, GraphQL, NoSql, etc.) Diseñar, construir y mantener sistemas escalables, fiables y de alto rendimiento Escribir código seguro, escalable y documentado con pruebas automatizadas Experiencia trabajando con y diseñando APIs Experiencia en el escalado de productos Mentalidad de desarrollo ágil de productos Automatización de pruebas Conocimientos de DevOps Lo que te haría increíble: Experiencia o conocimientos de Typescript Experiencia en otro lenguaje (PHP o Python) Sistemas de mensajería como RabbitMq, AWS SQS o Kafka Experiencia con servicios de AWS (ECS, Fargate, etc.) Experiencia en microservicios Lo que ofrecemos, entre otras cosas: Un contrato indefinido Beneficios sociales. Conciliación de la vida laboral y personal, apoyada por el trabajo totalmente a distancia. Desarrollo de carrera y formación constante, para estar siempre al día de las últimas tecnologías y tendencias del mundo digital. Salario negociable en función de la experiencia. Beneficios y descuentos como parte de nuestro Club Yeeply, incluyendo eventos, vacaciones, compras diarias y regalos. Please send your CV in English ¡Estamos deseando saber de ti!

  • 15/06/2022


    Funciones Sopra Steria works to enable our clients' digital transformation and to do so we need to keep growing and contributing thanks to people like you. Our employees agree on the work environment and the great one team that we are at Sopra Steria. With more than 46.000 people working in 25 countries, our mission is to connect talent and technology, trying to help you to find a place where you can grow and develop all your potential. We are looking for a Python Developer with excellent backend skills that is also knowledgeable on infrastructure. The candidate must be flexible, able to work in a highly collaborative environment, prioritize across multiple competing tasks, work independently as a developer, and be able to complete tasks on time. Responsibilities of this role include: Developing RESTful APIs with Django Rest Framework. Designing and implementing the infrastructure for new projects. Integrating third-party APIs. Working with task queues such as Celery. Using AWS services. Unit testing with Pytest/UnitTest/etc. CI/CD design and implementation. Requisitos Required technical skills: Django and Python expert knowledge. Experience creating Docker images to deploy the software. Understanding of CI/CD pipelines. Infrastructure knowledge (especially Linux/Docker/AWS/Kubernetes) is recommended. Experience deploying and managing web applications on AWS from the Frontend to the Backend. - Be able to grasp knew concepts and technologies quickly. Desirable certifications: Any Azure or AWS certifications linked to Infrastructure, Development or Data management is a plus. Master's university degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology is a plus. Se ofrece Because we know what you need... Taking part in innovative and demanding projects. Would you venture to learn something new? Amenities for you and your time. Work won't be everything! Enjoy our benefits and access our Flexible remuneration plan Freekys + Smart Sessions So that you feel as a part of the team: andjoy, padel, running and even a physio just in case Dare yourself to work in a different way and get to know us!

  • 13/06/2022

    Madrid, France

    Desde Sandav Consultores estamos buscando Ingeniero de Desarrollo Web con unos 4 años de experiencia en desarrollo de aplicaciones para incorporarse en cliente ubicado en Madrid. Se requieren aportar experiencia en: Java 8. Deseable Java 11. Spring Framework con los módulos MVC, SpringBoot, Spring Data. Arquitectura hexagonal / Domain Driven Development. BDD y TDD: estar orientado a desarrollo basado en test. Tanto unitarios como de aceptación. Cucumber / Gherkin. CI/CD. Jenkins, Nexus, Sonar. Experiencia en arquitectura de Microservicios con comunicación asíncrona: Event Driven Architecture. Experiencia en Kafka. Infraestructura Cloud basada en AWS. Kubernetes. Inglés alto. El equipo está formado tanto por gente de España como por gente de Francia. Requisitos deseados Java 11. Spring Security, Se ofrece: Proyecto estable. Contrato indefinido. 100% teletrabajo. Formar parte de un proyecto a nivel internacional. Franja salarial acorde a la experiencia aportada.

  • 02/06/2022


    Actualmente estamos buscando un Java Backend para incorporarse a uno de nuestros clientes. El puesto es totalmente estable y se realiza en remoto 100%. Los skills necesarios son las siguientes: Java 8 must, Java 11 deseable Spring framework: módulos mvc, boot, data. Security deseable. Arquitectura hexagonal/Domain Driven Development. BDD y TDD: estar orientado a desarrollo basado en test. Tanto unitarios como de aceptación. Experiencia en cucumber/Gherkin. CI/CD: modelo de integración continua con una única rama de desarrollo. Jenkins, Nexus, SonarQube. Experiencia en arquitectura de microservicios con comunicación asíncrona: Event Driven Architecture. Experiencia en Kafka. Infraestructura cloud basada en AWS y kubernetes. Se ofrece: Proyecto estable. Contrato indefinido 100% teletrabajo. Flexibilidad horaria. Salario acorde a la experiencia aportada por parte del candidato.

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