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Who are we?

Innova-tsn is a company founded 19 years ago as an expert in B.I solutions, which has grown to position itself as one of the undisputed industry leaders in the design and implementation of Advanced Analytics solutions. Dedicated to the design of intelligent business solutions in the areas of Data Value, Big Data and Advanced Analytics, Customer-Centric and Solutions Architecture, Innova-tsn provides end-to-end solutions from the provision of infrastructure or Cloud instances to project execution or provision of specialised consulting services. Headquartered in Madrid, Innova-tsn has steadily expanded and now provides its services from Barcelona, London, Bogota and Mexico City. More than 400 professionals driven by the values of Commitment, Excellence, Business Vision and Vision for the Future make each project possible. Innova-tsn's work has been recognised with national and international awards and excellent results have been obtained in prestigious competitions.

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